Dynamics 365 support

Does anyone know if Katalon will work with Dynamics 365?

What are you trying to do with it? I mean are you trying to test 365? Are you trying to get reports sent? What is your goal.

There will be a wide range of what needs to be tested, but Im fairly new to 365, so I dont know the full extent yet.

Right now this is what I would like to do:

Create/Complete Sales and Purchase orders
Validate data (in sales/purchase orders)
Validate newly created forms, ie enter in data & validate fields
Eventually I would also like it to send reports

As far as running kalatons scripts, I’m sure you could force it through methods to interact with an application but mostly it seems to based upon web testing. If dynamics has a web portal you shouldn’t have much problems with. I’ve never used dynamics before though.

Hey @Shaun_Pais Did you go through testing dynamic 365 using Katalon? I am looking into using Katalon in dynamics as well.

Hi @poonampahari

Sorry for the late reply

I’ve managed to do a basic test of logging in, but thats been about it.

I have a feeling it will work fine as Dynamics is web based, I just havent had a lot of time to put into doing much automation, as Im focused on learning Dynamics.

@Shaun_Pais I am using Katalon and I am unable to locate the input field in the form. Every time it states Xpath is null. I have also tried by manually updating the XPath for the object but still, I am unable to type in the field. Could you let me know if it the same for you.


I came across this same issue, but I haven’t had any luck.
It occurs on text boxes or dropdowns on fly-ins.

I haven’t had any luck with it either, I’ve been busy with manual testing lately so I haven’t been able to work on Katalon.

One thing suggested was to try a browser addon that will locate the exact Xpath name. I did try that myself, but didn’t have any luck

@Shaun_Pais I tried with a different theme on the dynamics,( A simpler one). And putting XPath manually to the elements did actually work. Also looks like you need to add delay time in few of the actions.

And about the add on, that didn’t really help me much.

I am able to use XPath and input text. Try using a wait before inputting text.