Help Drive our R&D ! - We'd love your insight ! - Are you using Katalon to test other Low Code Applications?

We would love to hear your experience on using Katalon to test other Low Code Applications… some examples could include: Microsoft PowerApps, OutSystems, and Mendix etc. Our R&D team would love to hear your experiences !

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I rewrote “EasyRepro for Katalon” from github to work with PowerApps and CRM UCI applications. It works well, and has eased the automation testing teams struggles they had with other products. I wanted to make it a plugin, or at least clean it up and get it back on github, but workload prevents me from that task.

My rewrite/mods allow for full automation of all page element types from PowerApps/CRM UCI and Classic views. The biggest issue with Katalon Studio and coverage of Low Code applications, is the knowledge that is required of all the products involved and their inner workings. You could manually have someone use developer mode in the browser and custom write each test object and test script, but it is time consuming and results in unmanageable scripts.

Our teams can now use Katalon Recorder, then in script mode, change the call from something like setText() to easyRepro.xrmPage.setValue(). In some cases they need to modify the captured test object.

All-in-All, Katalon eased the implementation of automation testing of our complex PowerApp/CRM applications.

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