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I have the katalon version 5.5 and I almost finishing my automation for our application.
If I plan to update the version 5.10 will I loose my test scripts

Please don’t store your projects where Katalon Studio was installed. Also, it is a good practice to manage your assets using a VCS like Git.

I updated my version ( 5.10.1 ) to 6.0.5 and selected to re-launch after finishing but nothing happened. Do I miss anything? shall I restart anything ?


Is it possible to disable the Auto-updater in command line?

Hi, to import your project files from previous Katalon version try: Project -> Settings (in the “old” version, to get the files directory) and File -> Open project (to import them to the “new” version)

what is next update in Katalon?

Actually, we still have some issues, especially, in mobile automation.

I can see that a new version is available but no link to click to download and install the update. Auto-updater seems not working after version 7. Or can someone point me to the appropriate menu item?
I guess at this time my only option is to update manually.
If that is true then this KB article should be updated to reflect recent changes. The latest version it mentions is 5. Which is way out of date.

Hi @artur_v

From the Katalon Studio main menu, click Help > Check for updates > In Katalon Studio New Update, click Download



Hi @Jass

Thanks for the prompt response. I don’t have that menu item.

See my full app version in window header.

@artur_v You can manually download the latest version from Katalon Website, I remember in version 7 ( not sure exact version ) where Check For updates was not present.

@manpreet.mukkar yep, latest version has that option.
Glad we figured that out.

Why are some versions not update-able to in the UI? I am at 7.2.6, but cannot see 7.2.7. I hate using manual, since I lose all settings.

As far as I know, if it’s not in the auto-updater tool, it’s a pre-release version of KS.

I had asked this a little while ago: Katalon Studio 7.2.5 Released

Dan, repost that as a new topic. I’ll show you how I deal with that issue.