Why katalon studio always ask activation after update to latest version

Hi Katalon support,

Why katalon studio always ask activation after update to latest version ?
I input username and password same with account login to katalon website but always display invalid username and password.
Please help me for this problem


After upgrading to latest version 5.8.6, lots of issue happening…
same problem happening to me. It didn’t work for login to my existing account (invalid username and password.) and/or registering new account (Operation timed out) from the IDE. It only works for offline activation for me!!!

All my previous test cases are failing after upgrading to 5.8.6 .

many weird behaviour from the 5.8.6. It keeps crashing whenever I try to close the IDE which runs on MAC 10.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 5.02.36 PM.png

Me too same when close katalon studio and also often suddenly close when i click debugging

This bug has already been noted and accepted:

This is happening again with the latest Katalon Download v 7.072019-11-07_14h36_12


We are also facing the same problem with this latest version.

I have faced the following 2 issues that many have already mentioned before me:

  1. Every time I try to use Katalon, it asks me for email and password for activation. Isn’t this a free version that can be used without constant login?

  2. Katalon crashes unexpectedly.

Overall, I guess Katalon does not care about users that are not subscribed(for paid version etc) and this makes me think about looking for alternatives to Katalon, as the issue has not been even considered from Nov 2018. I mean even if you don’t give instant support for the free users, at least look at issues like this when it has been occurring for a lot of people just to encourage your user base.