Allow to create/execute "prepare" script before execution of WS from TO repository

Allow users to write scripts that will be executed before main service call from Object repository.
this feature will:

  • allow custom authentication (e.g. based on tokens etc.)
  • allow prepare/call other requests to prepare data or chain requests directly from TO repository
  • also existing auth methods could be pasted as snipplets (same principle as check after call)

Hi @Andrej_Podhajsky,

Thank you for reaching out, your request is well received. We wonder if you want to execute the pre-script with the object service or with the test case/test suite. If you want to execute it before the test case/test suite, you can choose one of the following ways:

  1. Add more test steps before the step you call the request in the test case/test suite.
  2. Use Test Listener, please see the detailed document here.

Hope it helps!

Hello Shin,
I’m well aware of possibility to use listeners as mean to get tokens and prepare test cases.
My feature request is focused on Test Object Repository it self. There, as users, we have opportunity to execute defined (as TO) rest calls. That is place i would like to see capability similar to test listeners.
This will also lift responsibility from you guys since anybody will be able to implement authorization and authentication on spot using standard groovy/java libs and techniques.
Best regards,