Run Test-listener Hooks while re-recording from existing web-tests

I have @BeforeTestCase hook in the Test Listeners grooy file. When I record a web test using an existing test, the code in the @BeforeTestCase hook is not getting invoked.

Current Workaround:
Manually insert the step in the test before running a web test session and remove it after the web test session.
I can continue my job, resolving this ticket can boost my performance


If you put your logic in a Test Case and then use CallTestCase as a test step, then you can disable/enable the test step whenever you need instead of having to delete the steps.

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Hi @ThanhTo,
Thanks for that. But imagine 100’s of tests having a common TestListener hook, now we have to add that pre-req step to all of them. Nonetheless, I like your solution.

Hi @vijay.narasimhan

Can you describe a specific scenario where you’d want to have this functionality ?