Import Pre request script from Postman

Hi, I’m trying to add a pre-request script from Postman in order for my post request to work. How do I do this?

have the same issue

there is no such thing in katalon.
you have to implement the preliminary steps needed in your testcase, prior to send the request, by using groovy/java

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@natasha @fayrooz2895

In Katalon Studio, you can create a TestObject for API and click
run_katalon_test button to run it. But TestObject for API in Katalon Studio does not have a tab named “Pre-request”. KS lacks what Postman has.

But if you bother youself to write Test Case scripts (that runs a TestObject for API to make a Request and receive a Response), you can write any pre-request processing and post-request processing in your test case in Groovy language.

Please note that Postman uses JavaScript for scripting and Katalon Stduio uses Groovy. Therefore you can not “import Pre request script” of Postman into Katalon Studio as Katalon Studio can not run JavaScript. In Katalon Studio, you need to write Pre request script in Groovy from scratch. If you stick to reusing pre request in JavaScript, you had better stay with Postman.