Absolute path vs relative path to the recorder object and duplicates

Hello Katalon team and users. First of all Katalon is a great tool and I like it a lot! However here and there I’m struggling with some issues. Like:

When I’m doing recording for the first time and later I want to continue the recording …and end up at the windows ‘Add Element to Object Repository’ (saving the recorded objects window), I’m struggling what to choose :confused:

First of all I’m saving the objects into my own folder and not following the structure(check box at the top of window unchecked).

So I’m choosing merging the objects, because I do not want to have hundred instances of the same objects(why the hell is it recording the already recorded objects again, when I have them already saved and in repository??..I’m just continuing the recording…it should not record what was already recorded and saved, and if so, it should not save the same objects at all).

I mean with that, when you are working on one page/url only and you have two test cases and you are saving the recorded objects into one folder only, then the recorder is creating one instance of every object in every test case, but when you have two or more test cases even for the same page, you end up automatically with two and more instances(when you are saving always into one folder) like input_login, input_login(1), input_login(2)…even they are completely same and even you are needing only one instance.

But the merging is creating new duplicates anyway! I have checked the properties and they are exactly the same, so why duplicates by merging? I have also feeling, that the possibility to check and uncheck the object you want to save/merge/duplicate/replace is not working somehow, because I always ending up with duplicates which is messing up the repository.

The worst problem with the duplicates is that, when I go to manual script window, I can see that the path to the objects in repository after second recording(continued recording) is messed up as well! The old objects from the first recording have relative path and the newly created objects have like absolute path. So the test can not work, as It can not find the firstly recorded objects due to now wrong path(before the second recording was all fine).

But all the objects are in the same folder! Hellooo.

I have to always manually repair the path to the objects so I can run the test. And it’s killing me…

Is there a way to use only absolute path to the objects in the manual script window?

Thank you so much for reading this.