6.0.5 Renaming a profile variable changes references for others starting with same characters



I discovered a bug with the renaming a profile variable where Katalon updates the references to other non-related variables. I’m running 6.0.5 on macOS 10.14.1 for reference.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a profile variable named “test_global_variable” and save.
  2. Create test scripts referencing “test_global_variable”, and save.
  3. Create a second profile variable, with its name being a starting portion of the first. Ex. “test”, “test_global”, “te”. In this instance, we’ll use “test_global”, and save.
  4. Rename the second profile variable from “test_global” to “BROKEN”, and save.
  5. Note that all references to the first profile variable, “test_global_variable”, now are “BROKEN_variable”.

This has been reproduced on 2 different macOS laptops - both running 6.0.5


Hi @Michael.Fessenden

Thank you for your report. Did you earlier versions and if so did any version exhibit this behavior ?

Regards !


Hello ThanhTo,

I had our developers rolled back to version 5.10.1 but the issue is still present there - I’m not entirely sure on which version it began, if it wasn’t present from the start.


This issue is still occurring on version 6.1.0