Wrong support on windows for Chinese characters

I wrote the automation files on Mac, and when I put them to windows, I encountered two problems as below:

  1. some folders named with Chinese characters, are can’t show Chinese.
  2. the child folders and files under the parent folder are missing.
    pls see the attachment.

anyone can help resolve this problem?

How did you transfer the files/folders from Mac to Windows?

Did you create a ZIP archive file on Mac, copy the zip somehow to Windows, then unarchived the zip?

Transferring ZIP files from Mac to Windows via ZIP is problematic. It is a well know issue. Please search Google with key “Zip Mac Windows”. You will find lots of pages where people shout loud: “names are garbled”, “files are not found” etc.

I would suggest to you not to transfer the project via zip file. Rather you should make your project backed by Git; use GitHub as the remote repository, and transfer your project between machines via the remote repository through git commands.

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