Windows Ionic mobile app test automation using Katalon Studio

I am trying to automate Windows ionic mobile app using Katalon studio along with Winium, Selenium and below is my problem/observations.

  1. Windows ionic app has an extension of .appx and not .exe
  2. Even though I went ahead and tried to automate the ionic windows app but the problem is that, Since this is not a .exe application, it is invoking the application launcher/installer and not the application itself. Hence after clicking on launch/install, the original application is being invoked(2nd application or 2nd tab) and the control is not being transferred to the newly opened application(Application Under Test). Hence the application is going out of focus and the test scripts are failing.
  3. And also Windows recording is taking very good amount of time while recording the test steps.

Can someone help me in getting this issue resolved?. Any suggestions/solutions are most welcome… Thanks in advance