Iphone testing on windows 10 Katalon

Hi all,
I installed Katalon on my Windows 10 machine. Connected my Iphone to the windows machine and verified the Apple USB driver is being detected under UBS devices. However, while trying to record any operations on Iphone using the Katalon installation on windows, the local devices list stays blank and no device is getting detected.

I have node.js and appium installed as required on my machine as well

Please advise on what should be done.

You can’t apply mobile testing on Windows using iOS phone. iOS is exclusive for MacOS

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Thanks Vinh, thanks for the info. Perhaps this feature should be included to allow mobile testing on Windows using iOS phone?

As sgc states this would be a very helpful (and a nice one) option.

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Currently iOS device can’t be detected on Windows, so automating iOS on Windows is not possible.

The iPhone testing is done more proper and people are getting involved in it especially the iPhone app developers are also looking into this matter.

Well there can be various reasons for this problem. Either it is because of your OS or may be your machine has some issues. Do try to consult a good IOS app developer for further as such a professional can be able to give you appropriate guidance.

I noticed the same with other mobile app development company, you recognize that not the structure of the headphones so to speak, sometimes OS 10 Offline.