Launch iOS tests with Windows machine


I would like to run tests on an iOS device from a Windows machine. Is it possible? When I read this tutorial :, it doesn’t seem so.

Thank you for your answer

Hi there,

You can’t execute test script on iOS device in Windows OS. iOS device execution is only available on Mac OS.


you can do it with APPIUM STUDIO


Did you find a way to control the ios device connected to windows machine via Appium studio from the Katalon studio?


I have the same problem, I want to execute iOS test on Windows platform by using Katalon Studio, but through this KB, Katalon can not support iOS test on Windows platform, @ [chaker] Appium Studio can do that.
Hope iOS test can be supported on Windows, but I don’t know if Katalon Studio have a plan to implement this.


Dear chaker can you elaborate please how to do so? i read a comment that i can create a VMware that has Mac OSX, but how i can proceed from there? of course i need to install katalon that is designed for mac but how to link the mobile into the VM so i can do the recording?