Why sometime Katalon can click on the correct windows why sometime not

I have taken the existing project to check that whether the testing script need to modify for new testing or not. I use Katalon Studio to run only one script under test suite.
First issue, I found that sometime Katalon can click on the correct windows to perform the test sometime it clicks on Katalon screen to close the application.
Is there anything that I can check and make sure that the run is stable ?*
I have run Katalon under through VM windows10


Which version are you using?



I used Katalon version 8.0.0.

Thank you



Will you be able to update it to the latest?

What @Elly_Tran is not mentioning is that the latest version has more restrictions unless you are a paying subscription customer. I don’t understand how the latest version would change your codes responses–Wow if it does.

What I think you may need to do is “loop” or check all Windows that are open to see if you are on the desired Window–you have to “smarten-up” your code so that you are consistently on the correct Window. When you have detected that you have the correct Window, then you can carry on.

For my own testing, I have to detect what state the menu item is in so that I can always select the correct submenu. Since the computer cannot “see”, I have to implement the code to detect which state I want or get the menus to that state.