Test failed when run the on a different screen


I got this issue when running the windows desktop test case on a different screen.

I’m running katalon studio and the app that I want to test on a different screen, the test will fail when it tries to press the switch control of the app (Windows UWP app) because it cannot find the windows object.

If I put the katalon studio and the app under one screen then the test will run okay and it can find and click the control.

is there any limitations or known issues if we run the katalon studios and the app that we want to test on a different screen?

If you use Windows 10, try running Katalon in a virtual desktop; it works well for me. Do a Google search for Windows 10 ‘Task View’ for more information. Mac systems have something similar.

Thank you for the reply, I’m using Windows 10 and I’ll give that a try.