New bug in Katalon?

After clicking on image , aproximately only every second test run is successful , which is very anoying. The “workaround” is to click on the red rectangle and click on the green arrow again. Unfortunately, that “workaround” isn’t always working (e.g. recently it didn’t help during the demo where I was going to show what a great tool KSE is).

The worst thing is that’s hapenning (i.e. not running, nothing is shown in in the Log Viewer) when trying to use “Run from here” (which is a feature Katalon customers pay for), which basically makes “Run from here” useless because after clicking on the red rectangle (to stop ‘running’) the opltion “Run from here” dissaperes.

Can you share what errors you are getting for the test run? We need to see why your tests are failing every second test run. There’s nothing special about the run button, it just runs your code. I find it extremely unlikely that this is a problem with Katalon.

This is because when you stop running the test, the browser is closed, so of course the “Run from here” option is not available. This feature relies on an open browser/driver instance to work with.

@Brandon_Hein, thank you for your reply. When it happens, the browser doesn’t open, nothing is shown in the Log Viewer and the progress bar of the test is empty. Other than that I haven’t seen anything specific on the screen. Is there any log files or something like that where the erros (if they are recorded) can be seen?

Yes, there is a Katalon Studio log file, depending on your OS:





I would also try wiping out your binaries and rebuilding your project. See this post:

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Did deleting the binaries help?