Why i cant see a details of test suite execution

now in analytic when i click test suite it direct to test suite with same name not the detail of that execution like before , maybe u can fix this or explain how it works now ?

thank you

Hi @ricky_julianto,

Could you please tell me more about the steps you took? Currently, in Executions, you can click on the Execution ID to see its details. Only the test suite’s name in Test Design and Platform Coverage table is clickable.



yes when i click the name on id execution will show history of test cases with name , usually it show detail per test case and will know where the test case is failed

on that picture only show history if i click one of those not go to test execution detail but on execution id

Hello @ricky_julianto

As can be seen from your screenshot, there may be a misunderstanding between Test Design and Execution Tabs. In Test Design which is your screenshot, you can see the history of each test case in that project; its history includes all test runs overtime. The Execution tab which is right below Test Design is where you view the details of each execution, which means it’s where you can troubleshoot the test run failure. Navigate to Executions, click on the intended execution ID to see its details.

Hope it works!


when i click an execution id in execution tab it redirect me into test design tab

Hi @ricky_julianto

For further investigation, please provide some screenshots of the steps you took: click which execution ID and the screen right after your click.