Why can't activate katalon V6.10

Recently register an katalon account, activate katalon v6.10 failure.
I have check user name and password and both are right.
Why activate failure?

All versions of Katalon prior to release 7.x were deprecated and rendered obsolete after April 2020.

It is still possible to execute copies of Katalon version 6 that were installed before April 2020 but new installations of old releases will not work (as you have discovered).

Follow these steps to activate Katalon Studio:

Enter the email and password registered for your Katalon account then click Activate.
You are navigated to your own organization, or you can select one of the organizations you belong to in the drop-down list, click OK.
You’re recommended to install the plugins for a better experience with Katalon Studio.
Open an existing project or create a new one in Katalon Studio.
In Katalon TestOps Integration pop-up window:
Select a team in the configured organization that you have permission to access.
Select a project under that team you’d like to work on or create your own one if you have permission.