Why are reports not sent to TestOps when running KRE via Jenkins?

I am running Katalon Studio 9.4.0.

The project is configured to automatically upload the test report after the suite finishes running.

I have successfully created a Katalon job which uses the Katalon plugin in Jenkins v2.45

When I run the job, it doesn’t upload the execution report to TestOps. When I run via KSE, it uploads the report.

Here’s a screenshot showing the project config.

I’ve attached the console output.

Jenkins-console-log.txt (21.4 KB)

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Incase the test reports fail to update on TestOps automatically, you can try to upload them manually with the guide here: Upload JUnit and Katalon Studio reports to TestOps manually | Katalon Docs.

Thanks but I am trying to remove the dependency on an operator having to complete a manual step after running the test suite in Jenkins.