Why are Exported Reports not matching Katalon IDE & SauceLabs content?

While exporting the results of Test Collection runs in Katalon 8.3.5 on a windows environment, I’ve noticed that the contents of the generated HTML reports are not matching what is shown in Katalon or TestOps.

Exporting new runs may include content of previous runs for some Test Suites in place of the most recent run, or exporting from the same run at a later date may drop some contents.

  • Test Collection setup and run against a single test suite with 4 test cases displayed the 4 of 4 on Thursday, but exporting the same report today to a new location is only showing 3 of the 4 test cases.

  • Test Collections of multiple Test Suites setup earlier in the month and being run multiple times export with some of the files showing previous dates and the results for those Test Suites from a previous run in place of the data from the current run.

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Welcome to our Katalon Community, Alex @a.s.tabor, for all paid license support, please help raise a ticket here. Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you.