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How to see the Previous reports?

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Hello @ismail.mee,

Currently, Katalon Studio only supports viewing current reports. If you want to view test reports, please integrate with Katalon Analytics. For further details, please have a look at Katalon Analytics.




I think it is very important to see previous reports. Like we can do in previous versions. Then we could choose to upload or not to katalon analytics. In my opinion is a huge disadvantage because you can’t control the uploaded reports and we can´t keep a history of reports that already run. Analytics will have reports that we don’t want to. Can you consider this?

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I agree with bernardo.pinto

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I agree with bernardo.pinto
It is good to have Report tab to veiw prevoius reports from Katalon Studio tool itself.


I have to agree too. I use similar Suites to test different deployments. It’s important to have access to those reports. It’s a must-have! Having your test reports organized and accessible is a central feature. Also cloud integration may not be suitable for everybody due to company restrictions…
Without reports the software is pretty much useless


+1 to bernardo

Hello everyone,

We’ve temporarily removed the Reports folder to restructure and enhance the reporting mechanism for both Test Suite and Test Suite Collection in Katalon Studio.

To view the test execution report in v6.3.2, please navigate to the Result tab at the bottom of Test Suite or Test Suite Collection details pane.

In the future version, the user will be able to view all the execution results natively in Test Suite and Test Suite Collection window. Test execution results history can also be enabled/disabled in Project Settings.




I would have to agree with all the previous posts, removing the previous reports is a very unhelpful step. During testing you need to see comparisons of what tests were run before.

The original tool worked well as you could see the reports under each test suite. I appreciate you are trying to monitorise the product , but removing basic functionality does antagonise the Users and start to undo all the good work you have achieved!


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Hello Jass,
which parameter may we activate in order to enable “result history” ? is it available in version 6.3.2 ?

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The more I use katalon, the more I am expecting that all the useful features are gonna be costed, leaving us with a “useless” “free” app. :slight_smile:



I’m using Katalon 6.3.2. In my Report section after running a test suite, Test Case’s Log section is empty. Doesn’t show the result of each step as mentioned in the docs.

Can you please help?



Where i can export html,CSV, PDF reports in latest katalon studio.

Please help me in this cases

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I want to export the report in pdf to external system. Looks like I can’t user Listener @AfterTestSuite event. Is there a way to call a CustomKeyword which will upload the report to external sites using REST API.

It appears that removing the Reports folder now dumps all reports across all test suites (set up for different purposes) into one centralized place. It’s not ideal - was easier having them organized by Test Suite Name.


It is a timing problem.

I think that a Report of TestSuiteA is generated by Katalon Studio only AFTER the @AfterTestSuite event for TestSuiteA was fired and finished. The code in the @AfterTestSuite-annotated method would not see the Report of TestSuiteA as it has not been generated yet.

I know a workaround.

  1. You want to create a TestSuiteB which will try to read the Report generated by TestSuiteA.
  2. You want to create a TestSuiteCollectionC.
  3. In the TestSuiteCollectionC, you want to execute the TestSuiteA first, and just after that, execute TestSuiteB.
  4. test case in the TestSuiteB will be able to find the report of TestSuiteA. I mean, the test case in B can read the report pdf and upload it to external sites.

I have an example where my idea is applied and works:

In the TestSuiteCollection CURA/Execute_twins, you will see a TestSuite named makeIndex. The makeIndex reads the reports generated by preceding test suites.

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Hello there!

I’m using Katalon 6.3.3.
I have seen in the docs https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/test-suite-report.html#report-overview that after running a test suite I am able to see the results by clicking to the Report tab. However, Report tab is empty and doesn’t show any results of the tests run. Is there a configuration that I should do so that I am able to see the results?

Thanks for the help,


Have you installed the Basic Report plugin into your Katalon Studio 6.3.3? I suppose you haven’t.

Basic Report Plugin is a Custom Keyword that replaces the current Report feature of Katalon Studio. Since version 6.1.5, the Report feature has been migrated to Basic Report plugin. Users need to install this plugin to continue using the feature.