Unable to export the reports for Test Suite Collection in 6.3.3 version

We ran a Test suite collection and after completion, there is no option for the export report. Please help

You should choose Test Suite Collection report, and then right click, choose the option Export as / HTML , like this ,

Which version of Katalon you are using? In 6.3.3 there is no Reports folder in the left menu


I am using 6.3.3 and this is a Web Services Project

Hi @Sudheer_D_J

Please refer to the following documentation:

Thanks, @ThanhTo, I already installed Basic Report.

Please see the attached screenshot. Basic Report says for Test Suites but not for Test Suite Collection.

I want to export reports for Test Suite Collection

The above-attached image is one of the Test suite from Test Suite Collection. There I don’t see any Export option.

Please help

You should have this settings, and then restart katalon to execute a testsuite whether find a Reports folder

I have enabled Basic Report, i see you are using 6.2.2 version of KS studio.

In 6.3.3 there will be no Reports Folder.

I don’t know why katalon can’t display Reports folder, but you can find it in project path, like this,

Thanks for the reply. Will look into it

I found that version 6.3.3 has a new way to show report, you just can look through a latest report unless find it under your project path . to check report like this,

For Test Suite we have this export option, where as if we run Test Suite collection we dont have this export option

like this,

ok, thanks for reply.

I dont know why this is not coming on my system. Let me reinstall and check

I am getting this error when I try to export Test Suite Collection by clicking “Export report”.
I am unable to export test suite collection in html.
My katalon version is 7.6.6
I need help in this.