Whitelist for plugins?

I have 3 plugins currently installed and working in KSE but unable to install a new one - I think due to proxy blocking connection.
The plugins that work include ‘Basic Reporting’.
The plugin that fails is ‘Read and Write Gmail’ - do they access different URLs?
I have already whitelisted according to this post:

My error message includes “Caused by: org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to plugins.katalon.com:443 [plugins.katalon.com/, plugins.katalon.com/, plugins.katalon.com/, plugins.katalon.com/] failed: Connection timed out: connect”

I don’t have plugins.katalon.com on my whitelist.
My teammate gets a different error with authentication on the store, and it looks like page “store-staging.katalon.com/*” is refused connection.
Are these two addresses needed for the whitelist, if so could you update documentation please?
Regards Dan

Could you provide me your katalon version and your friend too?

Hi @Thong
I have KSE 7.5.2, my colleague has KS 6.0.4.
It seems like 6.0.4 is too old anyway for this plugin (unsupported).
Regards, Dan

Hi @Dan_Bown,
plugins.katalon.com is using to download katalon plugins . Please whitelist this URL.
Your colleague’s version is too old and outage now. Please update to the latest one.