Basic Report plugin - Proxy Setup Issue


Workspace setup to reproduce Issue –

  1. LAN settings is configured with proxy server.
  2. Application under test is Intranet sites which will work only without proxy.


We are not able to generate automation report in Katalon execution using command line mode as “Use system proxy configuration” setup is not working in Katalon . Also we have no option to configure exceptions list in “Manual proxy configuration” setup of Katalon.

Exception we get in “Use system proxy configuration”

Error reloading plugins
com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.ReloadPluginsException: Unexpected error occurs during executing reload plugins under account: username: ********, endpoint:
at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.reloadPlugins(
at com.kms.katalon.composer.handlers.ReloadPluginsHandler$
Caused by: com.kms.katalon.plugin.models.KStoreClientExceptionWithInfo: Unexpected error occurs during executing get latest plugins
at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.KStoreRestClient.getLatestPlugins(
at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.fetchLatestPlugins(
at com.kms.katalon.plugin.service.PluginService.reloadPlugins(
… 2 more

Issue description -

Katalon’s reporting feature has been moved to Basic Reporting plugin from version 6+. This plugin will be loaded every time after we open Katalon (Not one time setup) and it is required to have internet connectivity to authenticate (API key).

So it is required to configure proxy setup in Katalon (to connect to internet) and Katalon does not have any option to add exception list (Intranet apps) in proxy setup. Now if we have to run automation for any intranet application/API with proxy, It will not be able to connect to that application as exception of that server is not configurable. If we run without proxy, it will not generate automation report as plugin will not be loaded.


I have exactly same problem as my company has a proxy, and website to test is behind proxy.

I made another comment about this issue and the way to fix it here :

Proxy Preferences