Katalon recorder vs Studio for CI/CD

Hi team,
I’m exploring Katalon for our CI/CD activities. I came up with two solutions, not sure which one would be best.


  • Create test cases using Katalon studio and store them in Bitbucket or Github
  • Install SauceLabs plugin for running test cases
  • Use a Jenkins build to trigger these test cases
  • Share the report with the team


  • Record test cases using Katalon Automation Recorder
  • Export the test cases (ex: Java + TestNG) and create a Maven project and store the test cases in src/test folder
    – Use a Jenkins build to trigger these test cases
  • Share the report with the team

Now, I have these two solutions, could anyone guide me which one would be best?

My opinionated response:

If your team is comfortable in code, take the first option - you’ll enjoy the “freedom” afforded by KS and find the recorder limiting.

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it depends of the testing scope. if only web/ui … both have to pe tweaked and both will work fine.
if you intend to extend the scope of testing to api’s, and db too, or even end-to-end ( not to mention also data-driven capabilities) go for option 1, is more flexible.


Hi @Russ_Thomas and @Ibus , thanks for your prompt responses. I see some challenges as I can’t find much information related to Katalon + SauceLabs + Jenkins. Do you think the following are easily achievable using this approach?

  1. Cross-browser testing
  2. Scheduled build execution
  3. Headless browser testing
  4. Issues with finding elements, locators, handling wait times etc.,
  5. Executing with multiple SauceLabs profiles with the same build

Of course. Although for comparative testing, the analysis itself is down to you and your results/reports.

Scheduled test execution? I think that was added a few versions back. But typically, you’d run tests as a Jenkins build step. But you don’t have to…

Yes. Supported.

LOL. Yes, It’s very easy to achieve issues :wink: that’s what the forum is for :sunglasses:

No idea. Not my area. @Ibus?

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@smadem 1 to 4, @Russ_Thomas already answered.
5 … no idea, i never use it, but i know katalon does support remote execution, e.g on selenium grid, if this saucelab is about … so with katalon staff help it may be a chance to work well.

see here:

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Hi @smadem

@Russ_Thomas already explained the other 4.

The final question which is wether execution with multiple SauceLabs profile with the same build is possible, the answer is a resounding yes, you can do this via SauceLabs plug-in which offers you a nice UI to create Sauce Labs profile.

However, Katalon Studio natively supports executing with multiple profiles, wether or not those are SauceLabs profiles are just regular Custom Capabilities.

Cheers !


Thanks everyone who responded. Appreciate it.