Which is the main difference between Failure vs Error

Hello guys , i was looking at the execution report and i was wondering which is the main difference between failures and errors. image .
I have two failures: one it is because a locator is not being found, the other one is because an assertion is failing. thanks

Hi @francorebu,

From my understand,

Failure: Come from the different of actual result and expected result
Error: Come from users mistake when scripting with incorrect syntax, run-time error, missing object in keyword calling.


  • Compare 2 vs 1 -> Failed
  • But:
    #1:Object called temp: //a[normalize-space(.) = ${dynamicTest}]
    When you scripting, for some reasons: rename object, delete object, typing missing, object temp not input in the object reference of keyword -> error
    #2: WebUI.verifyEqual(,2, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE): incorrect syntax,…
    => #1, #2 causes error

With 2 types of execution status, scriptors who analyze execution result they will know how is the :

  • Quality of product based on the number of failure TCs
  • Quality of script (based on error)

=> With those numbers, after analyzing (including error (to check script error cause any bug by manual checking or fixing script ), users know about that and Katalon had godd design for it.

Hope it is useful.