Test report. Difference between failed vs. error

Where can I find what exactly the definition is of ‘failed’ vs. ‘error’.

Sometimes there are errors reported, sometimes failed. Can’t see the difference.

Saw somewhere that:
“Incomplete test cases are shown as failed test cases.”

What is the complete definition?

OK, it seems that I am not alone, nobody knows the difference between failed/error.

Even the exact definition of Katalon’s ‘incomplete’ is unclear to me.

Hi Vinh Nguyen is there somewhere in the documentation where these scenarios are defined?

I have really searched and cannot find it in Katalon documentation.

What is the definition of failed/error/incomplete?

Anyone has update on this topic? From my many test cases error I haven’t found a pattern to differenciate error and fail

I don’t have any documentation or sources to back this up, but from what I’ve seen, I believe that this is the difference:

— A failure occurs when either an assertion fails:

assert 1 + 1 == 3;
verifyElementPresent(someNonPresentElement, 30);

A step is explicitly marked for failure using:


Or anywhere that a StepFailedException goes uncaught or a time-out occurs.

— An error occurs when there is an uncaught exception of any other type.

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