Katalon Test Reporting and Katalon Analytics (Beta)

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I would like to know what is the difference between status: “failed” and “error”, and how can I generate a test case which result is Error.



Test case is failed when the AUT doesn’t return what is expected. For e.g The script is expecting the Page Title to be “Hello” but the it gets Page title as “Helloo” . The test case will be marked as failed in that case.

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Thank you, and the status “Error” is related to issues generating in katalon?

@ahincapie I have an good example for Error Status :

I have test cases which read and write to database. That database is only accessible from my work internet and If I am not connected to my work internet but to some other internet then Katalon fails to connect to the database and it throws an error.

The test case didn’t failed but got an error

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Thank you very much !!

This video is severely outdated.