Is there a way to debug a test from a certain point instead of run from here?

I would like to request the below feature as it would make it easier to debug scripts - Add a Debug from here just like the Run from here, so that we can debug thru tests with breakpoints by starting from the middle of the script. Or maybe the Run from here can be enhanced so it will stop when there are breakpoints in the script.

some context for requesting this feature is mentioned below -
I want to run the test upto a point and then stop again after a few steps. I am able to use the Run from here option, but it does not stop on a breakpoint further down the steps. Is there any way to stop the Run from here on a certain step again. For eg.,
I have breakpoints on Step 3 and Step 10.
When I run the script in debug mode, once I finish looking at Step 3, if I want the script to run again till Step 10, what should I do? If I start Run from here, the script just runs thru and does not stop on Step 10.

Unfortunately no, there’s no way to do a “Run from here” in Debug mode (“Run from here” currently only runs as a normal script execution). I’ve also found myself in need of this kind of feature. You should post a feature request!

Thanks for confirming Brandon, I will request for this feature. I was used to that using a different tool and miss it now.

Hello everyone,

Katalon Studio Enterprise users can use “Debug from here” from version 7.5.5 onwards. Please refer to release notes for more details.

Happy Testing