Web/Spy Recorder not recording steps in Chrome Incognito Mode

Just noticed that in the latest versions of Katalon Studio (I think it started in 5.9, but definitely not working in 5.10.0 and 5.10.1), that steps aren’t even being recorded and objects can’t be captured when using Chrome incognito mode (Chrome v71.0.3578.98). I do have settings set to open Chrome and Firefox in incognito/private modes when doing tests, but it records steps and captures objects in Firefox private mode. If I turn off incognito mode it works, but that’s a pain since I want to run tests in incognito mode, so I’d have to go back and forth setting up incognito mode, and then turning it off.


Same issue with latest Katalon Studio version 6.2.0…
Katalon Studio devs, any plans for fixing this or is this expected?

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