Web Service Object doesn't save HTTP Body when using XML


I am running into an interesting with the most current version of Katalon, 5.8.

When I create a Web Service Object, a Restful one, and provide it with a url (its an ESB), POST method, and an HTTP Body using XML, then test the request by sending it, I receive a response from my server noting that the request is empty.

Further, when I spit the request out to the console in the Verification tab, I notice that my request is actually empty.

I am able to bypass this hardcoding the HTTP body when I script out a test case, like so:
reqObj.setBodyContent(new HttpTextBodyContent(body))

This provides a meaningful response when sent.

When I use JSON however, I do not experience the above issue.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this? Or is there something that I am missing?


I was able to find a solution by following the solution here:

We will investigate more about this case. Thanks for your finding.
Edited: This is an issue from us, somehow text is missing when you create a new request. We’ve logged this issue and will fix it asap.


I encounter the same issue now. Im using katalon version 6.1.5 which is the newest version for now and i cant save by http body. It always going blank again everytime i open my project
What should i do?

Hi @sari.yunita22,
Do you encounter this problem with XML body only?

@Zarashima look like it happen in all formatting
So everytime i already set httpbody (in every format) and then i reopen the project it will look like i never set the httpbody, and back like the the default state