JSON body gets erased from the API request object when we reopen katalon

Katalon Version: 8.2.5
Windows version: Windows 7 Ultimate
When we create a REST API request object in the object repository and save it by providing JSON body in the Http body panel, the same gets erased after we reopen katalon.

It is expected for the JSON Body to get saved when we save and close the application.

Hi @tejas.tare,

Could you please provide us some other below details?

  • The other types of HTTP body which get the same issue
  • Katalon log located at: <Katalon Studio folder>\config.metadata.log\

Nam Nguyen.

This also happened to 10 of my API tests… first I thought I messed up a commit but it looks like Katalon deletes API tests/Repo from the project… now my API repos are blank.