Web Element - Object Recognition using Relative Location to Other Web Elements

Web Element’s “Attributes” in Applications-Under-Test (AUT) evolve over time, resulting in Object Recognition Methods failing…

In most cases, regardless of which or how many of the Web Element’s attributes are selected to help identify it, the Web Element’s IDs, Names, Control Types or Control Names change, resulting in the Test Case failing…

However, the location on the AUTs Web Page of the Web Element remains consistent with other Web Elements on the AUTs Web Page…

If Katalon Studio had an Object Recognition Method to identify the Web Element which used the Web Element’s relative position to other Web Elements on the AUTs Web Page, then Test Cases might be more reliable over time…

“New” Object Recognition - Relative Location Attributes for “Web Element C”:

  1. “Web Element C” is vertically in-line and below “Web Element A”
  2. “Web Element C” is below and to the left of “Web Element B”
  3. “Web Element C” is horizontally in-line and to the left of “Web Element D”

AUTs Web Page Layout of Web Elements:
1234567890 “Web Element A” 12345678901234567890

123456789012345678901234567890 “Web Element B” 12345678901234567890

1234567890 “Web Element C” 12345678901234567890 “Web Element D” 12345

Hi @David_Edmondson

Thank you for your suggestion ! We have a Neighbor XPath that generally uses element’s neighbors to re-locate the element itself. Have you had any experience using it before ?