[Academy] New Course - How to Locate Web Elements for Automated Tests 🎓


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Our Academy team is bringing you a new Web Testing focused course - How to Locate Web Elements for Automated Tests - to help you learn how to better locate different elements in your testing projects.

Locating web elements is one of the most basic and important activities of web automation testing. Unlike humans, an automation tool needs a locator or selector to identify an element to perform actions on it.

This course gives you the foundation and basic methods to identify web elements for automated tests.

In four chapters, you will learn about:

  • The concept of locator and selector in test automation
  • How to identify web elements using common Attributes
  • The basics of XPath and CSS selectors
  • How to create different XPaths and CSS selectors to identify different types of web elements

By the end of this course, you will be able to locate different web elements using different methods, using Attributes, XPaths, and CSS selectors.

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This course was created by our instructor Ravikanth Edamakanti (@ravikanth.edamakanti) - Senior Manager at Cigniti - who is also one of our Katalon Creators! Check out his profile below :point_down: