Object Repository saving method


Kindly suggest a better option to identify elements using katalon .

In our application We have huge set of controls like “autocomplete box, typeaheadcombo, web numeric field, infragistics date and time picker ,search filter and so on”. Most of the elements render dynamically using Java-script .

Our long time goal were planning to use the same set of scripts for testing our application in different languages. we are using the attribute “id” instead of using “text”.

So far handling record and playback the scripts in Multiple browser and multiple langugaes ,which is the best web Locators option in katalon ?

Whether the object repository should be saved in xpath or in attribute.

If it is xpath what we need to set in “Project->Settings->Test Design->Web Locators->xpath” xpath: attribute or xpath: relative

Thanks in advance

Any update for above queries ?

Hi @Divya_T

If your application strictly follows practices of using unique and meaningful ID then I suggest that you use only the ID in the Attributes section of Web Locators. The equivalence of this in XPath section is idRelative.

It’s hard to give better advice without knowing more about the underlying structure of your application.

Cheers !

Thank you so much @ThanhTo for your reply