VPN connection issue in katalon studio 7.x version

When I try to login the katalon studio 7.1.2 through VPN it is not getting logged in. But same thing I am doing with without VPN it works. How to login to katalon studio while connected to VPN?

Details please!

@skpatil705 can you ping your VPN?
Also, can you ping www.google.com?
If the above works katalon should work too (in theory)
If not, give us more details and try to solve conectivity issues with your IT team

Both are working fine

Its Working I used the Proxy Link during Login in Katalon only

What VPN are you using??? I am also getting this issue when i use some free VPNs like browsec. Now I will switch to LINK-REMOVED and never face this issue again.

Hi Matthew

Your post looks suspiciously like spam. Either provide a detailed account of your issue and how you fixed it or reword your message to reduce your wild claims.

In the meantime, I am removing the link you provided to a reviewing portal.

I am using the IE for recording the application.
IE is not working properly for recording feature like it is able to capture some objects only and some objects not.
I follow all instruction for configure the IE for katalon recording feature.
I have the Enterprise version.

Please help me to solve this issue.