Katalon Reports

Hello There,

I am trying to run my test suite in command line in chrome headless mode but i am getting “element not interactable” error even if the same tests run correctly in chrome.

I am thinking that even when i run a test from cmd in headless, the report should generate with the tests and video. If i am wrong please correct me.

My issue is that as its running from headless the video and screenshots what i am having in my report is not of my tests but what i am doing in my browser at that time the test is running.

I wanted to check the video to know why i am getting element not interactable for the tests. What should i do to get the reporting of my tests? Is this some setting in katalon.

I am using one screen and katalon 7.5.

If any other information is required please do let me know.

Thank you

Personally, from my observation using headless browsers in Katalon. It does not generate reports.

Perhaps maybe because I’m using trial version, however, that could the limitation for you too.

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Thank you for your feedback, I have added a feature request for ease of tracking

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Thank you to open a feature request for that :slight_smile:
I hope this will solve my problem which is very similar : Video is empty when scenario is launched by Katalon runtime trough Jenkins windows instance

Hello @ThanhTo is there an update on this feature?
Do we have a timeline when it will be released.


Hi @anuradha

We are currently looking into implementing video recording feature in headless mode. I can’t give you an exact ETA, but we will keep you informed when there’s new info.