Version 7.0

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the release 7.0 is not available yet on
Please fix that :slight_smile:

Seem like it’s not released yet I believe so

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Hi. This is a preview article, we will upload the packages soon.


Is there any particular date on which are you guyzz releasing the build ?

i think katalon team embraced Debian release philosophy.
‘Will be ready when will be ready’
so … stay tuned :slight_smile:

Have encountered plugin issue when opening a existing project:
‘Reloading plugins…’ has encountered a problem.
Error reloading plugins

My plugins are:
Microsoft Teams Integration
Excel Keywords

What is the tentative release date of the version 7.0

@Bhawna_Rani beta is already relesed

@lbus I know, I was asking about the final release. Thanks

@Bhawna_Rani you asked about 7.0. which is the beta. stable will be 7.z :))

okay when the stable version will be released :slight_smile:

Looks like the free 7.0 version now has a Quota? Is the Quota 100 Projects, 100 Test cases or 100 Test cases per each project?

From what I recall, I do not remember a quota being in place before.

Is this now a pricing model, in which Katalon is forcing users to now purchase the enterprise version if they want to use the software moving forward?

Is there going to be paid version of the free software version, to remove the quota?

I hope they won’t do this… I can’t even imagine how they do this with Projects that already exceed this quota?! Will they just block everything after the 100th Test case, object or w/e?

I think that would make a lot of people pretty mad…

Look at this post. List out the features, etc of each version. The free version will also require an internet connection now, so to answer your question…the existing projects may either be blocked or you may get an error, not sure.

Yea I also need clarification on this. I exceed 100 test cases no problem, if this is gonna turn paid I will jump ship and take my code with me lol

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this subject is already discussed here:

feel free to join there, splitting it in too many threads may be confusing


Per the email announcement from Uy Tran, I believe the Katalon Team is aiming to have the stable release available around October.

Hi Team,
I have noticed after installing the Beta version of Katalon (Katalon 7.0) that my keywords will not execute. If I preform the same Keyword in the Live version of Katalon, My keywords execute without issue. Anyone else noticing that their keywords are NOT executing?

Yes, I too have have this issue