Validating Help text

Hi, Team wants to learn and know-how can I validate this help text through Katalon Manual/Script mode for making automation for a validate blank login click button
Conditions are :
After clicking on login button without entering username and password this help text appears “Please fill out this field” so I want to validate this please suggest some workflows

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In that order. First click the element (login button), than get the text of the notification element, and then assert the text is as expected.

You might also need to wait a bit between steps 1 and 2:


Thanx it works

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can you share the script code? i also got this issue but no solution found.

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If you have the same application as the OP, can we see what you have put down so far? Otherwise, you might try:
WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Here may be your Help Text', false)

I don’t have the same application as the OP, but I look at our HTML and one of the attributes has the Help Text within it. Therefore, I just get the contents of the Help Text attribute and compare it to the message that displays afterwards.
WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTextObject(xxx), 10)
WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Here may be your Help Text', false)
WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTextObject(xxx), "attrib", "The Help Text", 10)

How get text since the element can’t to captured?

The helptext might be associated with the element or there might be a huge infrastructure underneath to do with helptext, but you have to start with the simplest.

To investigate, start DevTools to review your HTML; either hit the F12 key, then use either CTRL + SHIFT + C or the first icon within DevTools that looks like a rectangle with a pointer moving into it. Then move your mouse pointer to an element. Click on the element to have the HTML move to that element. Or you can hover over the element to have the information displayed.
If your application supports it, you can right click on an element and choose, Inspect. Then choose Inspect again to move the HTML right to your element.