How to handle pop-up message

Hi, I want to handle pop-up message. I can’t find Element on this page.

Screenshot at Mar 16 01-15-24

can you follow on html :


How about just try, WebUI.verifyTextPresent('Please fill out this field.', false) ?

I try:

Output ERROR

:x: Text ‘Please fill out this field.’ is not present on page

Just a small change. If the below does not work, then I don’t know. One item is your message disappears on its own after a few moments, so…'login button'))
WebUI.verifyTextPresent(".*Please fill out this field.", true)

I would be intrigued to know why you can’t find an element with an id=username:

@Russ_Thomas I believe @chaninat wants the text of the pop-up that opens when you click on the blue button without entering a Username. It is highlighted in red in the first image above.

@grylion54 Note to self: don’t reply until you’re fully awake :upside_down_face: