Click button not working

I face to this error :
After clicking on validate button, the pop-up error displayed but in katalon test is passed.
So when i try testing manually validate button works correctly and passed.



Test result :

the test script is this: click on a button

katalon is able to click on said button, therefore the test passes

i assume you want to verify if the validation popup is present or not, in which case you will have to use either verifyElementVisible or verifyElementPresent, since this is a validation message i’ll asusme you’ll need verifyElementPresent

it is an error message because after clicking on this validate button, the demand should be create.

when i created the demand manually, all goes well.

then, without seeing what actually happens, i suggest changing the WebUI.delay to something like, 30 and to manually do the click instead, see if it fails
If yes: something is different in your test scenario(you generally start with a blank slate when opening a browser through automation, so it could be cookies)
if no: run the scenario again and wait for the delay(your 30 seconds), if it now passes something in the background/webpage didn’t finish within the allowed 3 seconds, so you’ll have to increase the wait time

still does not working i tried the way you suggested :upside_down_face:

When you validated manually, did you have the “Hotel IBIS PARIS” selected and then clicked on the Validate button? If so, you need KS to highlight (single click) the hotel element also before your validate click.

For your error message, I would do a simple, `WebUI.verifyTextPresent(“Quelque chose c’est mal passe. Merci d’essayer plas tard”, false)–you will have to put the accent on the “e”.

when i click in validate button manually, the demand is created with no problem, test passed.
but during the automation running, i face this error message, the click does not working.

Again, I will ask, Do you need to have the “Hotel IBIS PARIS” selected before you validate? If so, does your script select the “Hotel IBIS PARIS” row?

so I can click on validate button without entering the hotel field.