V7.0.4 / WebService Request GET doesnt have content body

Hi ,

Im executing the same GET request in katalon studio v7.0.4:

and in katalon studio v6.3.3:

In v7.0.4 isn’t possible to see the content body (json) response

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Hi @ghillaz,
Please download Katalon Studio 7.0.5 and try again. If the issue still persists, please send us the error log file, you can find it under Help > Error Log

v7.0.5: i’snt resolved yet, I dont have anything related in error log file.
The request is made and status is 200 OK i just can’t see the response body

Hi @ghillaz

Please send us the log file under Help > Error Log when this happens.

I already said doesn´t appear in log error.

Launcher status after execution process completed: Running
Start writing execution.uuid file to folder: C:\KP\nos-login-katalon\NOSiD_v2.prj\Reports\20191030_160316\Regression Tests\All tests\20191030_160316
Start generating JUnit report folder at: C:\KP\nos-login-katalon\NOSiD_v2.prj\Reports\20191030_160316\Regression Tests\All tests\20191030_160316…
JUnit report were generated at folder: C:\KP\nos-login-katalon\NOSiD_v2.prj\Reports\20191030_160316\Regression Tests\All tests\20191030_160316
TestOps: Start uploading report to Katalon TestOps server: https://analytics.katalon.com

look at image bellow, testing and verify the same request in diferent katalon versions:

Hi @ghillaz,
Please send us the HAR files generated for both versions 6.3.3 and 7.0.5. You can get them by clicking in the HAR link at the top right corner of the request object view. Remember you have to send the request at least once before getting the HAR files.
Also, please send us the request object file (.rs file).

Can you update KS to the latest version 7.0.6 and verify the issue again?


@Loan_Tran It is not solved, the problem persists.

Hi, I’ve noticed by inspecting the .har that in new versions of katalon the value ‘username’ which is a variable in my request is passed without url_encoding that didn’t happened in the old versions.

HAR from 6.3.3.har (2.9 KB)
HAR from 7.0.6.har (2.6 KB)

I tested passing the variable without being encoded and it worked (v7.0.6)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think we identified the issue. In KS 6, query parameters were not encoded, which lets to some special characters sent incorrectly. In KS 7, query parameters are encoded before being sent, which in your case lets to double encoding.

nosidqms+c801267757@gmail.com => nosidqms%2Bc801267757%40gmail.com => nosidqms%252Bc801267757%2540gmail.com.

Please try using the value nosidqms+c801267757@gmail.com for the variable username and let me know the result.

If you cannot update the whole project, please let us know and we will add some an option to turn on the previous version’s behavior.


I already tried that, as I said before and worked.
Thanks for the support, in my case there is no need to add an option to turn on the previous versions behaviour, i will update it manually. :slight_smile:

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i think this option has to be added anyway.
more users may be hit (i know at least one more recently affected by this new feature)

and pleaaaaase, document such changes :slight_smile:

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