Using Plugins with Katalon Studio Enterprise License

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Hello, I’m having a very similar issue to this:

Can’t run testcase with custom keywords on console mode. Please help - Katalon Studio / Web Testing - Katalon Community

The problem is that I’m not missing my API key.

I am running the tests in Jenkins. I was able to get my custom jar file into the “Plugins” folder on the Jenkins computer, but the functions in the jar file are having an “unable to resolve class” error when I try to run my tests.

Solved this issue.

I needed to set the Project Plugin Setting to “Local”

After I fixed that, the issue went away. That does raise the question though, if someone wanted to use both Store and local Plugins, would they be out of luck?

Hi - I have installed a few keyword plugins - and settings is set to store only - my problem is where are the installed plugins ? I cannot find them and I cannot use them - all I want to know is how do you get those keywords available to you when you are busy. I have no idea - i’ts like i never installed anyt plugins at all cause I don’t know where they go or how to get them to work so that I have the keywords available to me for use.