Using Katalon Studio in CI-CD Pipeline with Microsoft VSTS

Hello Katalon Support,

We are reviewing how well the Katalon Studio be used with continuous
integration and continuous delivery pipeline, with Microsoft VSTS (the purpose is to trigger our internal test execution after application build process finishes).

I am sharing below a way with which we plan to use the software.

Our understanding:

Katalon Studio tests can be triggered from CMD, and the trigger needs
to be given from the location where Katalon executable is present.

So for CI-CD pipeline, Katalon setup folder containing exe,
needs to be considered as a dependency to run tests, and needs to be
flowing to build machines in the cloud/local build machines, along with test scripts.

We were curious about:

- Are there any plans to integrate formally with VSTS?

- Our understanding, as explained above, would be to transfer the Katalon setup
folder with its exe, along with the test scripts, to build machines provided by MS VSTS cloud, or local build/release machines. Please let us know if this usage pattern is OK for
the free use of software.

Also, please let us know in case there exists any other way to
have this integration without having to transfer the setup folder.

Thanks in advance for clarification.

You can actually utilize VSTS functions and Katalon Studio console mode execution to make an integration. Please refer to this guide

Integrate VSO (or TFS).docx

Thanks Vinh for quick response and sharing the doc. We will try the same and connect further as required.

Can anyone knows why this error?


Old question but just for the record, Neethu issue was due to the fact that Katalon is not in the windows Path.
One need to add id manually & reboot the agent os to succeed.

This could be due to Katalon not being checked out, or copied correctly, or an issue with the build directory scope.
If you can add a debug task to your build pipeline to list the the files, we can see what exists in the build sources directory.