TFS(Azure DevOps Server) Integration

We are using TFS(Azure DevOps Server) as CI/CD and Project management tool.

We decided to use Katalon for Web/Mobile Automation and want to integrate with TFS to manage bugs/defects too.

But there is no TFS(Azure DevOps Server) Integration plugin.

Please inform us if there is any workaround to integrate TFS or could be developed any plugin for this?

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Have a read of both of these and see if it helps

Thanks for your reply.

We did this and we can run Katalon Scripts on CI/CD pipeline successfully.But we want associate test results and defects with TFS Web Portal/Microsoft Test Manager such as Jira.

We want to integrate with TFS to manage test results and bugs/defects.

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Thanks for your replay.
We can use Katalon on CI/CD pipeline for test execution successfully.But we want to integrate Katalon with TFS to manage test results/bugs/defects and maybe automatically open an a bug on TFS such as Jira.

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