Can Katalon integrate with VSTS?

I am curious to see if katalon can be integrated to run tests using VSTS? I see it can use Jenkins, etc, but would there be anything special needed to integrate with VSTS.

FYI - It can

I’ve never seen this question before, let alone an answer. You should document what you did, Amanda, and post it as a “Tip” in the Tips and Tricks forum.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do it. My Architect did. But maybe I can get him to document it. I believe he just used the command line to trigger the build in VSTS.

Hi Amanda,

Could you please find out if the integration was done using a Microsoft-hosted agent or a self hosted agent?

I can get it to work with a self hosted agent but it is not working for a Microsoft-hosted agent(like VS2017).

It would be great if someone can help me with the same. I need to integrate katalon and vsts.

Additionally I need to link katalon test case Id with vsts test id

I hope this article will help.

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Thank you
Could you also suggest if there is a way to link vsts test case id(dev ops ) with katalon test case.

Any help is appreciated.

if there is a way to link vsts test case id(dev ops ) with katalon test case.

Any help is appreciated.

What did you want to achieve by linking test cases between VSTS and Katalon? Officially this function is not available at this moment, but I will look for workaround based on your purposes.

Hi @devalex88 so my action item is to create test cases in vsts against each user story. Now what I want is to create test plans in test manager and link these with katalon test cases.

As a result what I want is on triggering of these test cases from test manager , automatic test cases get executed in katalon

Hi @devalex88 is there a way to do this… because we are planning to buy licences for our organization based upon certain outcomes


can we any doc where it explains about Katalon integration with Azure Devops.


HI Priyanka,

Finally, are you able to achieve? If yes could you please share the steps?


Hello Everyone,

I am able to run katalon test cases from ms agent in Azure Devops in CI/CD pipeline. I need help to associate test cases.
Can anyone help me to associate Azure DevOps(VSTS) Test Case Id with katalon test case.
@priyanka.uppal28 Please let me know if you have done this.

Any help would be appreciated.