Integrate Microsoft Team Foundation Server TFS with Katalon for Test Management and Bug creation

I want to integrate TFS with Katalon to full fill my requirement i.e.

Synchronize tests, map test cases, and update test execution results in real time between Katalon Studio and TFS

I want to create Test case in TFS
then I want to run from TFS then i want it should trigger the Test Case run in katalon
I want to run Test Suite from TFS then i want it should trigger the Test Suite in katalon
after run it can auto pass fail the test case test suite in TFS
auto log the defect in TFS if Test case fail

Hi Muhammad,

Have a look at the following link if you haven’t already:

It requires that you set up a VSTS default agent pool on your local machine in order run the batch command to run on your desktop locally where your K Studio is located. This sounds good in theory but I am still getting permission problems with the VSTS command when it runs in CI.

Anyway I hope this moves you a little farther forward, and perhaps someone else will answer the VSTS CI permission problem…