User not allowed to save test environment in katalon Test Ops while scheduling test run using Local Agent

I tried to schedule test execution in katalon test ops using my Agent in local and script repository.

but I’m not allowed to save the environment selection to proceed. the save button is disabled

@bharathi.a I tested this feature in my side and it worked completely. Please share me your screen recording so I can investigate what the problem is. Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply.
my licence got Expired so it is not allowing to save.

@bharathi.a Which license did you mention? I think license is not the root cause here. I wonder whether your test suite collection has test suite(s) or not? If you select a test suite collection has no test suite then the issue will happen like this case.

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Testops license

@bharathi.a I’m curious another thing is that you selected test suite or test suite collection to run? And does that test suite collection include any test suite? Cause we’re trying to reproduce your case and found this issue will happen when schedule test run with no test suite in a test suite collection. I’d be grateful if you could share video recording of your steps so that we can investigate your issue and support better. Thank you.