Unable to schedule test run in testops

I would like to schedule a test execution on my local execution environment. Using katalon testops, I am unable to schedule test execution. After selecting the test suit or test collection, as the Test environment type and Katalon Runtime Engine Version drop downs shown empty. dont have subscription for testcloud. As i try to schedule it on the local test environment, I assume testcloud subscription is not required.

Did you created a test environment?
In order to execute something somewhere, you have to install the agent first, see:

Probably not, I am not familiar with TestCloud.
Anyway, you need a KRE licence, since this is how tests are executed remotely.

@bionel thanks for your response. we have KRE license and also have created local environment as you can see it below

That’s strange.
For me, looks fine, even if:

  • I don’t have a KSE/KRE license
  • I don’t have a local environment set
  • My TestCloud subscription is expired

So I have no idea other than try another browser (or logout, cleanup your browser and login again into TestOps).

LE: since you own a license, you can also raise a ticket with Bussiness Support (I forgot what is the link)