use the web record with a version of firefox 51 or 55

I am new to katalon studio and I have to incorporate the tests with a version of firefox 51 and 55 in the company.

can firefox 55 be used in the web record? and where can i configure it?

Thank you

Hi @miuelpipes1107, thank you very much for your question and welcome to Katalon Community!

I’m assuming that you’re asking about our Katalon Recorder add-on for Firefox, of which the latest version was verified to work with Firefox 42.0 and later. Hence, you shouldn’t have any issue installing and using it on Firefox 51 & 55.

For a quick crash-course on how to get around the Katalon Web Recorder, you can take a short course on Katalon Academy :point_down:

:point_right: You can also check out Katalon Docs for more information.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Good afternoon…

Thank you…

With 55 it works but not with 51. I get the following error.
“ser data directory is alredy in use. Lease close all currently active firefox sessions and try again”

Hi there,

I found another topic that mentions a similar issue with Chrome, of which one solution is to close the currently running Chrome window(s) either through Task Manager (Windows) or Acitvity Monitor (MacOS)

Here’s the link to said topic:

Let us know if this works for you :+1:

Just for your interest

My ChromeDriverFactory | chromedriverfactory includes the following description:


Chrome browser is very strict that only 1 process of Chrome can have access to the “genuine User Data directory”. If you have one Chrome window already opened when you try to launch one more Chrome process with UserDataAccess.FOR_HERE, then that attempt will fail with a message:

targetUserDataDir="/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome"
org.openqa.selenium.InvalidArgumentException was thrown.
Exception message:

invalid argument: user data directory is already in use, please specify a unique value for --user-data-dir argument, or don't use --user-data-dir

As countermeasures you have 2 options.

  1. close all Chrome windows before running your test, or
  2. your test uses UserDataAccess.TO_GO instead

“user data directory is already in use” — I am sure that this message is emitted by Chrome browser.

I wonder why @miuelpipes1107 mentioned that he saw this message was emitted by Firefox.

Firefox will never emit this message. Any reasoning? — Yes, see the following:

WebDrvier for Firefox (geckodriver more specifically) always creates a temporary profile which contains a copy of the specified user profile. FirefoxDriver NEVER causes any contention for the “user data directory” at all